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How do contacts work in Apron?
How do contacts work in Apron?
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Contacts are actually a list of your suppliers and in general, accounts to which a payment can be made.

You can create contacts in any of the following ways:

  1. Auto-capture from uploaded bill (expenses) attachments

  2. Import from a payroll payment file when you pay wages

  3. Add manually, which is typically the case for manual payments like intercompany transfers

We will always validate the new bank details using several techniques, including a Confirmation of Payee system that checks whether the account exists and if the name of the beneficiary matches the name of the account owner.

If there is a new contact or an existing contact has been edited, we’ll highlight them in the interface so that you can double-check and eliminate human error or fraud.

We’ll store your contacts in Apron for future payments to the same contact.

Contacts in the ‘Contacts’ tab are only the ones imported from Xero / Quickbooks.

If you would like to see contacts created manually (except the ones created from uploading payroll file) together with contacts imported from Xero / Quickbooks, go to ‘Pay’ -> ‘+New Payment’ -> ‘Enter manually’

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