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What does the approver and payer experience look like in Apron?
What does the approver and payer experience look like in Apron?
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As soon as company (and practice) members have been invited to join Apron, they can interact with Apron in two ways.

  1. Through Emails

  2. Through the Hub’s pending payments overview

Newly added members will receive an email asking them to confirm their address and enter their first and last name.

There is no need to create a password. For all subsequent payments, clients will receive a verification link and be taken straight to the payment.

Approver / Payer notifications

Once Approvers and / or Payers for a payment have been selected, each person in the chain gets their own email, highlighting their task (i.e. whether they need to approve or make a payment). This email will provide an overview and a link to the payment.

After clicking the link, they will see a complete overview of the payrun that has been created. From here, they will be able to add comments, update beneficiary information, select the payment method (payer) or delete a payment.

Once Approvers have reviewed a payment and clicked ‘Approve’, the payment will be sent to the next person in the chain.

Next when Payers review a payment, they can proceed to make the payment either by making a bank transfer, or by authenticating the payment with their bank.

From here they can complete the payment with a few clicks.

Pending payments

Practice members can review all of their pending tasks from the Hub (‘Your turn’ tab), while clients can see all pending payments in the ‘Pending’ tab.

Clicking ‘Go to payments’ will provide practice members with an overview of payments which require their input.

From here they can view and complete their next steps.

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