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What data we store about your company
What data we store about your company
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We collect information in the following ways.

  1. Information you provide

    • Contact information (name, business email, phone number)

    • Financial information (if it includes personal data)

    • Content in open text fields (e.g., "contact us" forms)

    • Display name, profile details, and job title

    • Company information (e.g., name, phone)

    • Summary of issues, documentation, and screenshots submitted to customer support

  2. Information we automatically collect

    • Name, address, and date of birth from accounting apps for payments

    • Technical information (IP address, browser type, etc.) when you engage with the service

    • Account creation date

    • Content viewed or searched, page interactions, and usage details

    • Type, size, and filenames of attachments

    • Device identifiers, download errors, crash data, and phone numbers used for customer service

  3. Links to other websites

    • We may include links to third-party websites

    • Social media features may collect your IP address and other data governed by the third-party's privacy statement

For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

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