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How do I upload documents via Whatsapp?
How do I upload documents via Whatsapp?
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Apron offers the convenience of uploading files via WhatsApp. This feature is particularly useful for company employees who do not want to install additional apps.

To set up document submission via WhatsApp, follow these steps:

  1. Add the phone number you have registered with your WhatsApp account to your user profile in Apron. Click on your profile icon and go to ‘Edit details’. You can also add a phone number when inviting users to Apron.

  2. Open a conversation with the Apron WhatsApp business account. You can do so via this link, or by searching for our phone number (+447874467157).

  3. You can now send documents to this channel and they will appear in your Apron Inbox.

When uploading pictures via Whatsapp, the caption will appear as the description in Apron. If the submitter indicates the receipt is a personal expense in the caption, Apron will automatically mark it as such.

Note - you can only use WhatsApp submission if you have a single company in Apron. If you have access to more than one company in Apron, you should download our mobile app from Google Play or App Store.

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