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Does Apron work with all banks?
Does Apron work with all banks?
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Yes, Apron accepts bank transfers from all banks, as well as making payments through open banking.

If your bank does not allow, rejects, or fails to authorise your transactions with Apron, we recommend checking out our separate article: My bank is rejecting payments to Apron

Some banks do not currently support payments through open banking, but once this feature is enabled by the bank, you’ll be able to make open banking payments with Apron.

The banks that currently do not support Open Banking (and the only payment option is bank transfer) are:

  • Acorn Account for Business

  • Allica Bank

  • ANNA Money

  • Barclays Corporate

  • Card One Money

  • Cater Allen

  • C Hoare & Co

  • Citibank

  • The Co-operative Bank

  • Countingup

  • Handelsbanken

  • ING

  • Metro Bank

  • Soldo

  • Tide

  • Triodos Bank

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