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My bank is rejecting payments to Apron
My bank is rejecting payments to Apron
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Some payments to Apron may be rejected by your bank.

This happens very rarely, but if you experience it, depending on the chosen payment method - bank transfer ('Pay via bank transfer') or open banking (‘Authenticate with your bank') - we suggest you take the following steps:

Open banking payment rejected or not authorised:

When you make a payment via Open banking method, your bank may reject the transaction for many reasons. Unfortunately, Apron has no visibility to check the exact reason, so you need to check with your bank why the payment is being rejected.

The most common reasons are that the payment is above the bank limit for open banking payments, or that your bank does not recognise Apron (can take place mainly during your first payments to us)

In these cases, as a solution:

  1. If it is due to the open banking payment limit for your bank account - ask the bank if it is possible to increase the limit

  2. If raising the limit is not possible, use the second payment option available in Apron - ‘Pay via bank transfer’

  3. If it is because your bank does not recognise Apron, ask them to whitelist Apron Payments Ltd, so that your subsequent payments to us are successful.

If it is a technical reason or they do not allow such payments at the moment, you can use the second option available at Apron - 'Pay via bank transfer'

Manual bank transfer:

Similarly to open banking payment, when a transaction is rejected, you need to check the reason with your bank.

Most often, manual transfers are rejected due to outbound transfer limits.

The solutions we suggest to use:

  1. If it's due to a daily limit, you can send us a part of the funds today and the remaining part the next day - once we receive the full amount, we'll start sending funds to the recipients.

  2. If there's a limit on transactions, you can send us two (or more) transfers for the already created payment run - remember to include the payment reference provided in Apron in these transfers.

  3. If your bank’s compliance or fraud team requires additional confirmation from you - ask them to whitelist payments to Apron so they do not get flagged again.

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