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How do I group payments by contact?
How do I group payments by contact?
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Whether you pay suppliers, contractors, or employees, you can group several bills from a single contact into a single payment. This is called Grouping.

This means the payee (the contact) will receive a single payment containing all of their outstanding bills, as opposed to a series of separate payments.

You can enable grouping inside of any payment flow using the ‘Group by contact’ button.

  • If the recipient receives one payment for a few bills: Apron will place an auto-generated reference into the payment.

  • If the recipient receives a payment that refers to one bill: Apron will use the individual, corresponding bill references.

When you group payments to the same supplier, Apron will consider this as one transfer.

Note: If you choose to group payments, we recommend sending remittance advice records to suppliers. Here’s how.

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