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How do I add a new payment method to Apron?
How do I add a new payment method to Apron?
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If you want to use a bank account or credit card that has not yet been added to Xero / QuickBooks, or directly to Apron you can create a new payment method directly in Apron.

You can do this when creating a new payment with us.

  1. Click ‘+New Payment’ located in the right top corner in the ‘Pay’ section or select the bills you want to pay.

  2. Once you are on the ‘Payment details’ page, click ‘CONTINUE’ on the bottom of the page.

  3. Now you can add your bank account (‘+Add bank account’) or debit/credit card (‘+Add credit card’)

  4. Once you click to add the card or bank account, go to ‘Add manually’, enter the required details and click ‘Add payment method’

Once created in Apron, we will also create a bank account in Xero / QuickBooks Online.

  • If you added a new bank account: You will need to manually add a bank feed to this account in Xero directly afterwards so that bank reconciliation happens automatically.

  • If you added a new card: Personal credit and debit cards will be created as a “Current Liability” account in Xero. Business credit and debit cards can’t be added directly in Apon and will need to be created in Xero first.

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