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How do I publish documents to QuickBooks / Xero ?
How do I publish documents to QuickBooks / Xero ?
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Once you upload a document into Apron and all the details have been populated into the relevant fields, provided your company is connected to Xero or QuickBooks, you can publish the document to your ledger account.

You can publish a document both from the main view in the 'Inbox' section of the 'Documents' tab, or from document review screen. In both cases, simply click on the yellow 'Publish' button.

After publishing the document to the ledger, Apron will create Bill in Xero or Quickbooks when the underlying document type is Bill or Receipt, or Credit note if the document type is a Credit note. For Xero companies, you also have an option to specify if the document should be published to 'Draft' / 'Awaiting Approval' / 'Awaiting Payment' in the 'Xero preferences' section of the document review screen.

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